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  • Spreefeld Berlin, Optionsraum 3 14 Wilhelmine-Gemberg-Weg 10179 Berlin Germany (map)

Main Workshop: May 5 and 6
Optional Printing Session: May 7

The Neuland typeface was designed in 1923 by Rudolf Koch, the German painter, designer, calligrapher and punch cutter. The name NEULAND comes from the idea of discovering new ways for designing type and from the metaphorical desire to conquer an unexplored, virgin NEW LAND.

The novelty of the type design springs from the manner in which it was originally made. After some quick sketches, Rudolf Koch cut the letters directly on the metal block. Thus they maintained the freshness, spontaneity and great expressive power that was typical of Koch.

During the course we shall work with square-cut nibs following Koch’s preliminary sketches for the typeface. Having gained confidence, our intention will be to make personal variations in a new and very contemporary approach to calligraphy.
Later on we shall find different ways to explore the basic elements of this particularly ornamental style. We shall examine its rhythmic and textural qualities. We shall cut the letters from paper and comment on the negative letterforms.

The first two days are the main course. 
Those who can extend the study for one more day can optionally enjoy a linocut printing session to round up the workshop and bring home some nice prints! This extra day will be dedicated to cut letterforms in rubber or linoleum and print personal compositions true to the original.


Most of the supplies will be provided and among others include nibs, a bamboo pen (and linoleum sheets for the third day), which you can then take home with you.
In addition please bring with you the following:
• pencils 2H and HB, eraser
• glue stick and masking tape
• set square and ruler (50 cm)
• cutter or xacto knife for precise cutting
• texts of your choice (just a few words, like poetry or quotes...)
And optionally (if you have some of those):
• cutting mat
• other chisel edge tools of your choice, like parallel pens (ex. 6mm / blue color), automatic pens, brushes, markers...


This workshop is open to anyone, and is very suitable for beginners. Anna Schettin is an experienced teacher beside being founding member and professor of the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana.

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Please fill up and submit the form below. You will be then redirected to PayPal to make the payment of 150 Euro deposit, either with a PayPal account, or by direct debit to your bank account and by credit card.
Please note that the refund of the deposit in case of your cancelation is not guaranteed, and that the registration to the workshop is only valid upon receipt of your full payment.
Thank you.


A. Main workshop, two days: 195 EURO

B. Three days: 255 EURO

(Prices inclusive 19% VAT)

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