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Spring in calligraphy!

Learn the basics of calligraphy – or practice them some more – with extremely talented professionals Giovanni de Faccio and Laura Di Piazza.

Foundational is a great model to start with, for instance if you’re looking to improve your handwriting or if you want to learn the fundamentals of typography. 

Copperplate became a classic style for stationery and in the class you’ll discover the principles of pointed pen, using the pressure to create thicks and thins.

Cancelleresca (Chancery hand) is “the” italic model by definition. Giovanni studied closely the example from “La Operina” of Ludovico Degli Arrighi and he is able to give his voice and gesture back to teach a style that is easy to write and to read. 

You can take any of this classes and adapt what you learn into a modern style of your own.

All three classes will be held in a beautiful, bright and spacious room of Berlin’s Betahaus in Kreuzberg (the reception area on the 1st floor).

And, this would be our last chance to meet before a long summer break!! Come on down :-)

Make Your Own Sign

The sign painting workshop with Mike Meyer sold out so quickly! Many thanks to everyone who registered and also to those who showed interest, but couldn’t find an available spot anymore.

Luckily, there is another nice option that we can highly recommend: the “Make Your Own Sign” series:

MAKE YOUR OWN SIGN is a monthly workshop with OTTO BAUM & RYLSEE, hosted by Urban Spree, Berlin.
Learn the basic techniques of sign making from a full-day workshop with professional sign painters OTTO BAUM & RYLSEE.

The goal of the workshop is to provide the skills for making effective hand-painted signs for personal or business development.

The monthly workshops will cover the following topics:
- Basic knowledge and rules of typography
- Visual communication through the use of typography
- Sign painting techniques and tools
— https://www.facebook.com/MakeYourOwnSign

Many dates are scheduled: 

- Sat. 9 November 2013

- Sat. 14 December 2013

- Sat. 18 January 2014

- Sat. 1 February 2014

- Sat. 1 March 2014

- Sat. 5 April 2014


For bookings, please contact: MakeYourOwnSign@gmail.com

More info on FB